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Payment Policy

1. Accepted Payment Methods:

  • ILCMEMBER.COM accepts the following payment methods: credit cards, debit cards, direct banking and other electronic payment options as specified on the website.

2. Payment Terms:

  • Payments for transactions on ILCMEMBER.COM are due at the time of purchase.
  • Users are required to make payments promptly to ensure the timely processing of their orders.
  • Late payments may be subject to additional fees or penalties as outlined in the Terms of Use.

3. Refund and Return Policies:

  • All transactions conducted on ILCMEMBER.COM are final and not subject to refund or return.
  • In exceptional cases, where a refund is deemed appropriate, users must refer to the Refund Policy provided on the website for specific conditions and procedures.

4. Currency and Pricing:

  • Transactions on ILCMEMBER.COM are conducted in the currency specified on the website.
  • Pricing for virtual items and services is displayed on the platform and is subject to change at the discretion of ILCMEMBER.

5. Payment Processing Timeframes:

  • Payments made on ILCMEMBER.COM are processed promptly, and users will receive confirmation of their transactions.
  • Processing timeframes may vary depending on the payment method used.

6. Security Measures:

  • ILCMEMBER.COM employs robust security measures to protect users’ financial information during payment transactions.
  • Users can refer to the Privacy Policy for detailed information on data protection and security measures.

7. Chargeback Policies:

  • Chargebacks may occur under specific conditions as outlined in the Terms of Use.
  • Users are encouraged to review and understand the Chargeback Policy to be aware of the circumstances that may lead to a chargeback.

8. Payment Confirmation:

  • Users will receive confirmation of their payments through email receipts or notifications on the ILCMEMBER.COM platform.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to retain these confirmations for their records.

9. Modification of Payment Policy:

  • ILCMEMBER.COM reserves the right to modify, update, or revise the Payment Policy. Users will be notified of any changes through the platform or via email.

Contact Information:

  • For any inquiries related to payments or the Payment Policy, users can contact our Support team via the online chat on the platform.

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