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Welcome to ILCMEMBER.COM – the marketplace of CS:GO and DOTA II skins.

The Service is provided by INFINITY LIFESTYLE & CONCIERGE LTD., a UK private limited company, registration number 15179985, has its registered address and principal place of business at 4 Montpelier Street, London, England, SW7 1EE

The company provider is defined on the receipt.

These terms and conditions of use of ILCMEMBER (the “Terms of Use”) govern relationships between you (“you” or “User”) and INFINITY LIFESTYLE in relation to your use of:

ILCMEMBER mobile application (“Application”),
together referred to as “Platform”;

All products, Platform features, marketing campaigns, and contests available on the Platform (the “Service”).
ILCMEMBER AntiscamExtension.
ILCMEMBER Market Extension.
Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Service. If you disagree with the Terms of Use, please do not use the Service.


By creating a ILCMEMBER account, and using ILCMEMBER Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and Refund Policy which constitute the legally binding agreement between you and ILCMEMBER (collectively, the “Agreement”).

You need to be of legal age to enter into the Agreement. If you are under 18 years old (or the legal age of your place of residence), you must receive parental or legal guardian approval to enter the Agreement.

By using the Service, you declare that according to your local jurisdiction, you are of legal age and eligible to enter into the Agreement on your own or have received parental or legal guardian approval to enter into the Agreement.


We care about your privacy. How your personal data is collected, used, and shared when you’re using the Service is explained in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Please read them carefully

By accessing the Platform to use the Service, you certify that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


Registration. To register a ILCMEMBER User account (“Account”) and use the Service you must:

sign in to ILCMEMBER Platform.

read and accept these Terms of Use and Refund Policy, and familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

(the “Account”) will be created automatically, and you will be assigned your personal ILCMEMBER ID.

Registration is free of charge.

Your liability. You are solely responsible for managing and safeguarding your ILCMEMBER Account, and their login credentials, maintaining confidentiality, and restricting access to your ILCMEMBER Account, and all activities under these accounts. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the Service within your Account complies with these Terms of Use, applicable laws, or regulations.

You agree to use your Account for your personal use and not transfer it to anyone.

We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the above requirements.

Account blocking. We may block your account for the reasons indicated in our AML and KYC Policy below.

Account deletion. You may request us to delete your Account by sending us a request via online chat. Upon deletion of your Account, this agreement will be terminated, and you will not be able to use the Service until you register again.

In case of disputes (chargebacks) regarding your purchases, we will block your account but keep it for 180 days from your last purchase.

If you change your mind about deleting your Account while the account is blocked, please contact our customer support.


ILCMEMBER provides a platform through which Users agree to transfer each other virtual items (skins) inside of the CS:GO or Dota II games (“Games”).

Skin is a virtual in-game item, a texture of in-game items (i.e., weapons, gloves) provided to the Users inside of the Game via licensing agreement.

ILCMEMBER acts as an intermediary between the Users, organizing the process of skin transfers.

ILCMEMBER is not related to online gambling.

ILCMEMBER does not provide any crypto-fiat, fiat-crypto, or other currency exchange services and does not act as a currency exchange.

The ILCMEMBER Service is available through the Website and the Application. The Application is designed as a functional supplement to ILCMEMBER Service is available on the Website.


The Platform is a software product. We hereby grant you a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the Platform, its features, and Services solely for the purpose and on conditions set out in these Terms of use.


Within the ILCMEMBER Platform, you can buy any available virtual item.

You can do that in different modes.

Requirements for all Users:

It is forbidden to:

use any programs, or mechanisms to avoid any regulations and to hide your identity, and location;
use someone else’s documents, proof of identity, and Payment Methods;
take actions that may distort and/or affect the performance, security, fairness, and integrity of the Platform and the Service;
use any vulnerabilities of the Platform to receive profit;
use multiple accounts to monopolize the market or manipulate the prices any other way.

You confirm that:

you have experience and/or knowledge to deal with virtual items, have a full understanding of their nature and framework, and are aware of all the merits, risks, and any restrictions associated with virtual items, including their purchase and use, as well as the necessary and relevant expertise and knowledge to trade, sell and/or purchase them, and accept the sole responsibility for any decisions made in respect of such items within the Platform;
you acknowledge and fully agree that all skin transfers are final and not subject to a refund or compensation;
you are solely responsible for reading and understanding all and any terms and conditions of any purchase, sale, or trade conducted on the Platform;

ILCMEMBER Credits. ILCMEMBER Credits is an in-Platform currency used to make transactions when you buy virtual products on ILCMEMBER.


  • is a digital product and does not constitute fiat or cryptocurrency;
  • has no value outside the Platform;
  • is not withdrawable and can be used only when you buy;
  • is non-transferable to another platform or person;
  • does not accrue interest.

ILCMEMBER may bonus you for depositing (purchasing) your ILCMEMBER Credits. Check the “Add Funds” page to see your bonuses.

ILCMEMBER is not responsible for:

– any consequences of providing a third party’s Steam API Key;

– any consequences that the creation of multiple trade offers may entail.

To purchase a skin, you must top up your Market Balance.


If you haven’t performed any transaction on the Platform within two consecutive years, your account will receive the “Inactive” status. ILCMEMBER will notify you of the “Inactive” status by available means. To remove the “Inactive” status, you must complete any transaction (trade) on the Platform.

If after 30 days after the notification, you will not perform any transaction on the Platform, ILCMEMBER will take the following actions:

If you have a positive ILCMEMBER balance, ILCMEMBER will charge you the inactivity fee of 1 USD a month while your account remains inactive or until your ILCMEMBER balance reaches zero. The inactivity fee is not refundable.
If you have skins stored on ILCMEMBER bots (so-called virtual inventory), such items will be deemed abandoned. ILCMEMBER will deduct abandoned skins from your virtual inventory and refund the price of such skins to your ILCMEMBER Balance. The refund amount depends on the item’s price on the day of the item deduction. The deducted skins are not refundable.


All trades and transactions conducted on the ILCMEMBER Platform are final and not subject to a return, refund, and/or cancellation.


To purchase a Subscription or top-up your ILCMEMBER Credits or Market Balance you must provide us with one or more Payment Methods. “Payment Method” means a current, valid, accepted payment method that may be updated from time to time. You can use any of the Payment Methods available on the Platform. A Payment Method shall belong to you. The use of Payment Methods belonging to third parties is prohibited.

ILCMEMBER is entitled to provide the Users with Payment Methods at its discretion. The available Payment Methods are listed on the Website on the payment page.

Payment Methods have their own terms and policies, including AML/KYC Policies, and may decline or suspend any transactions according to their rules. Any applicable terms and policies of a respective Payment Method shall apply to the processing of payments and should be reviewed and understood by the User before making any transaction.

ILCMEMBER is not responsible for any delays in payment and/or actions of the respective payment service provider. The terms and conditions between the Payment Method and the Users who use the payment services are governed by separate agreements and are not subject to these Terms and Conditions.

If the currency of your payment account is different from the nominated currency, your payment will be converted into the nominated currency at the time of the payment. The conversion rate of your bank will be applied. The respective charged amounts shall be indicated on the respective payment page. ILCMEMBER is not responsible for the conversion rates set by payment institutions.

You confirm that you are the rightful owner of all bank cards and other payment accounts you use to make payments.


For our Users’ safety and compliance with the legal requirement of the European Union and other jurisdictions, ILCMEMBER strictly adheres to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures (AML / CTF).

​​Transaction monitoring and supervision. We analyze all activity and transactions of the Users on our Platform, looking for suspicious and unusual behaviors, and take appropriate measures subject to our sole discretion. The list of suspicious activities is determined solely by ILCMEMBER and includes, but is not limited to:

attempts to hide identity, the use of outdated, false, someone else’s documents, as well as refusal to provide documents, confirm identity upon request;
the use of someone else’s Payment Methods and refusal to prove the ownership;
the use of multiple accounts;
the use of the Platform’s vulnerabilities and bugs;
third party’s claim regarding the User’s transaction (chargeback, dispute);
illegal activity, and breach of the Terms of Use.
If we find your activity suspicious, find out or reasonably believe that the User is in a breach of the Terms of Use, we may undertake the following actions subject to our discretion without prior notice:

refuse or suspend a trade/transaction;
remove User’s items from sale;
withdraw User’s ILCMEMBER Balance, Market Balance;
blocklist User’s Payment Method;
initiate an additional KYC procedure;
block the User’s Account.
A User can appeal our decision to Customer Support. We will investigate the case. We may request additional information to unblock a User Account. Following our instructions is mandatory to unblock the User Account and/or cancel other measures.

The measures may still be in force as long as reasonably necessary for investigating a particular case.

ILCMEMBER shall not be liable to any User for any damage or loss (direct, indirect, punitive, actual, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, or otherwise), including loss of revenue, profits, ILCMEMBER Balance, Market Balance, and/or skins resulting from the measures undertaken by us against any User due to alleged violation of these Terms of Use or other applicable terms, policies, and regulations by the User.

KYC procedure. We conduct KYC procedures in the following cases:

If the User’s activity, transaction, or payment instrument seems suspicious to us;
If the User wishes to withdraw Market Balance.
Depending on the situation, we may request the following information or documents: first and last name, ID document (i.e., passport) number, copy of ID document, picture of a User holding an ID document, photo of bank card partly covered, video of your face, utility bill, or bank statement.

Sanctions. Individuals from sanctioned countries and territories and sanctioned individuals are restricted from using the paid Service.

Payment security. We guarantee the security of bank card payments. The processing center meets the international PCI DSS requirements to provide secure treatment of the payer’s bank card details.

Cooperation with authorities. We cooperate with the public or third parties’ authorities and/or third parties concerning the investigation of any suspected or alleged crime or civil wrong. ILCMEMBER may provide the necessary information in response to legal requests, establish or exercise its legal rights, or defend against legal claims. ILCMEMBER shall not be liable for using or disclosing such information to third parties.

More specific measures are confidential and for internal use only to prevent their use by the Users for fraudulent and dishonest actions.


ILCMEMBER Antiscam extension (“Antiscam extension”) aimed to protect its users from phishing and API scam.

By adding the Antiscam extension to your browser, we grant you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use the Antiscam extension under the conditions stated in these Terms of Use.

ILCMEMBER Market Extension (“Market extension”) is a browser extension version of the Market mode.

By adding the Market extension to your browser, we grant you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use the Market extension under conditions stated in these Terms of Use.

Antiscam and Market extensions are referred to as (“Extensions”).

Extensions are available only for Google Chrome and Yandex Browser.


The ILCMEMBER Platform, ILCMEMBER Extensions, all their content, including, but not limited to, names, logos or slogans, designs, translations, domain names, all page headers, custom graphics, button icons, scripts, fonts, color combinations, and look and feel of the Platform and Extensions, texts of the documents constitute the intellectual property of ILCMEMBER. You must not copy, imitate, sell, license, modify, distribute, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit, reverse engineer, decompile, derive source code from, or create derivative works from any intellectual property of ILCMEMBER.

Any trademarks, logos, artworks, and other intellectual property objects (either registered or unregistered), presented on the Platform and Extensions belong to their respective owners. There are no implied licenses to use them unless otherwise stipulated by the owner in writing. Any unauthorized use is an infringement sanctioned by the applicable legislative framework.


The Platform, Extensions, and Services are provided “as is”; we make no warranties, expressed or implied, and we hereby disclaim and negate all and any warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties, or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose. Further, we do not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the Service.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, you shall indemnify and hold harmless ILCMEMBER, its licensors, licensees, distributors, agents, representatives, and other authorized Users from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs, attorney fees, and expenses arising out of or in connection with (i) your use of the Service, (ii) your violation of law and/or this Agreement and/or any other agreements, terms, and policies applicable to you, (iii) the change, sale, purchase, and/or use of any virtual items, (iv) your violation of any third party right, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, or privacy right.

You agree to cooperate as fully as reasonably required in defense of any claim. ILCMEMBER reserves the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to your indemnification. You shall not enter into any agreement that affects the rights of ILCMEMBER without ILCMEMBER’s prior written approval.


Neither ILCMEMBER nor any other party involved in creating or delivering the Platform, Extensions, and/or Services shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential, or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with (i) any use of, or inability to use, the Services, the Platform or (ii) the exchange, sale, purchase, or use of the virtual items (iii) Force Majeure events which include but not limited to cyber-attacks, technical issues, natural disasters, pandemics, any other cause or causes beyond such party’s reasonable control, including but not limited to any curtailment, order, regulation, or restriction imposed by governmental, military or lawfully established civilian authorities, as well as by Steam, App Store or Google Market. A Force Majeure event does not include intentional wrongdoing by a party.

The Platform may contain links to other third-party websites. We are not in any way responsible for the content of such links, as these are not in any way monitored by us. We shall not be held liable and/or responsible for the content of such third-party websites and accept no liability for any loss or damages occurring as a result of or relating to the use of these websites. We note that you do so at your own risk if you access these third-party websites.

This limitation applies regardless of the nature of action (whether a breach of contract or tort, including negligence) and even if ILCMEMBER has previously been advised of or reasonably could have foreseen the possibility of such damage or loss.

This limitation applies to all damages arising out of or in connection with any use of, or inability to use, the Platform, Extensions, and/or Services, including but not limited to: (i) errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies; (ii) personal injury or property damage; (iii) any unauthorized access to or use of our secure servers, including any personal or financial information stored therein; (iv) any bugs, viruses, trojan horses, or the like that may be transmitted through the Platform or Services; and/or (v) any goods sold or purchased.

ILCMEMBER’s aggregate liability to a User in any circumstance is limited to $1000.

To the extent that any jurisdiction does not allow the exclusion or limitation of any incidental or consequential damages, the above limitation shall apply to the extent permissible under applicable law.


We may modify, suspend and/or discontinue the Platform, Extensions, Services, and their content, provide new capabilities and/or features, and make changes to this Agreement from time to time without prior notification. We may do this for various reasons, including changes in or requirements of the law, new features, changes in business practices, and/or any other reason. The most recent version of this Agreement will be posted on the Platform, and you should regularly check for the most current version. If the changes include material changes that affect your rights or obligations, we will notify you of the changes by reasonable means through the Platform or via email. You agree to the revised Agreement if you continue to use the Service after the changes become effective.


No failure by ILCMEMBER to notify you of any breach or exercise of any rights shall be deemed a waiver thereof at the same or at any prior or subsequent time.


If any provision of these Terms of Use is deemed invalid and/or unenforceable under any statute, regulation, ordinance, legislation, or by an arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction, then such provision shall be deemed reformed or deleted but only to the extent necessary to comply with the such statute, regulation, ordinance, arbitrator, or court, and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.


ILCMEMBER may assign, subcontract or otherwise transfer its rights and/or obligations hereunder without notice to you or without obtaining your consent. You may not assign, sub-contract, or otherwise transfer your rights and/or obligations hereunder.


Provision of the Service and all inquiries relating to the construction, validity, enforcement, and interpretation of these Terms of Use and the Service shall be governed by, construed, and enforced under the laws of Cyprus unless otherwise required by the law of the country where the User has their habitual residence.

In the event of a dispute, the User must send a claim to ILCMEMBER. The claim must describe the nature and basis of the conflict.

If the claim is not resolved within 60 days, the Parties may submit the dispute to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country whose laws are applicable subject to this article.

You agree to bring claims against ILCMEMBER, where permitted under the applicable law, only in your capacity and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative action.


We provide 24/7 live support via the online chat located in the bottom-right corner of the Platform. Please address all your inquiries to our Support team first.

It is forbidden to use obscene language, words, and/or expressions of an obscene, offensive nature, threats, or actions in the Support chat or the communication with ILCMEMBER representatives.


Postal address:

OFFICE NO. 325ResCo-work03

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, Greater London WC1H 9BB

For support: Support online chat.

For legal requests and requests regarding your personal data:

For fraud reports:


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